Sony Plans to Release New PS Vita

The new slimmer PlayStation Vita model.

The new slimmer PlayStation Vita model.

It has now been confirmed by Sony that the new PS Vita will be released to North America this Spring. Not much about this system has been released, but what has been confirmed is the fact that the new model will be sold in a bundle pack with Borderlands 2 at launch (about $199). Information about the system being sold by itself has yet to be confirmed (though we think it will).

So far the system has been released in Japan since Summer 2013, and it has been released in Europe since the 7th of this month. The PS Vita is 15 percent lighter than the previous PlayStation Vita and 20 percent slimmer. The unit has 1 gigabyte of memory built-in HOWEVER, the system has an LCD screen versus the OLED screen.

The rear touch-screen panel is smaller than the original, but to accommodate, the rear grip is larger. The start, option and home button are a slight bigger and circular versus the narrow, oval shape. At launch, the system will come in multiple colors to choose from, such as pink, white, yellow, and black.

Check back with us for more updates!

Inspector: Greg approved!


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